Strategies: Balanced

Our Balanced strategy seeks to maximize portfolio returns by incorporating the principal investment strategies for our Equity and Fixed Income strategies. Equity securities are utilized to seek long-term growth, while fixed income securities seek to provide for risk moderation and income generation.

By utilizing our Equity strategy, a portion of the Balanced strategy seeks to identify high quality companies based on various criteria, such as high profitability levels, strong balance sheet quality, competitive advantages, strong market share positions, ability to generate excess cash flows, management teams with meaningful ownership stakes, attractive reinvestment opportunities and attractive relative valuation. Our Fixed Income strategy is also applied within the Balanced strategy by investing in investment grade corporate, U.S. government and agency, and/or municipal fixed income securities and focuses on sector allocations, maturity selections, and relative valuations. It typically uses non-callable fixed income securities for their offensive characteristics and callable fixed income securities for their defensive characteristics in an effort to manage reinvestment risk.

The combination of these investment strategies within our Balanced strategy emanates from the fundamental research process led by our experienced internal research staff. Our research professionals perform rigorous, primary research which culminates in a portfolio of securities diversified among a number of companies, industries and groups.

Specific asset mix targets vary depending on the investment guidelines, restrictions, tax status, and risk profile for each client.