Partnerships: All Cap

LKCM Investment Partnership, L.P. has utilized a consistent investment approach since its 1986 inception and seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation through an investment mandate that allows maximum manager flexibility.  Long-biased equity holdings may include private companies up through megacap public companies. Modest use of leverage and the use of hedging strategies can be used in an effort to reduce volatility.

LKCM Investment Partnership, L.P. strives to achieve its objective through fundamental analysis of individual companies and seeks high quality companies based on various criteria, such as high profitability levels, strong balance sheet quality, competitive advantages, strong market share positions, ability to generate excess cash flows, management teams with meaningful ownership stakes, attractive reinvestment opportunities and attractive relative valuation.

The development of investment opportunities for this partnership emanates from the fundamental research process led by our experienced internal research staff.   This team performs rigorous, primary research that seeks to identify small, mid and large capitalization companies as well as private companies that have a true competitive advantage in their industry.  This philosophy provides the basis for our investments in this partnership and is consistent with our firm-wide approach of seeking to build long-term value for our clients.