Partnerships: Multi-Strategy

LKCM Private Discipline Partnership seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by utilizing a core liquidity bank in order to opportunistically fund two distinctly different, longer-duration equity strategies: middle market private equity and microcap public equity.

This partnership strives to achieve its objective primarily by investing in long and short positions in an unlimited range of equity and/or debt securities and other financial instruments and products.  This partnership seeks to invest in a portfolio of securities across a wide range of asset classes, including publicly-traded securities with market capitalizations spanning from micro-cap to mega-cap, mezzanine investments in portfolio companies, and private equity investments in portfolio companies.

The development of investment opportunities for this partnership emanates from the fundamental research process led by our experienced internal research staff.   This team performs rigorous, primary research that seeks to identify small, mid and large capitalization and private companies as well as private companies that have a true competitive advantage in their industry.  This philosophy provides the basis for our investments in this partnership and is consistent with our firm-wide approach of seeking to build long-term value for our clients.