Mission and Values

Cultural Values

Promote an environment where fiduciary responsibility and business ethics supports strong client orientation with the common goal of successfully employing a consistent investment philosophy of our founder for the benefit of our clientele and their financial welfare.

Primary Investment Goal

The primary determinate of any growth should be positive long-term relative performance versus appropriate benchmarks and identifying investment opportunities through extensive industry and economic research for the benefit of the total client relationship

Other facts about LKCM

  • Business strategy is focused solely on managing investment portfolios
  • Portfolios are tailored to meet client’s individual objectives
  • We are invested alongside our clients – excellent alignment of interests

Corporate Values

  • Relationships: Above all else, we value our relationships with our clients. Our goal is to achieve each client’s individual investment goals.
  • Environment: Fiduciary responsibility and strong ethics are paramount to our firm. We pride ourselves on an environment that is defined by trust and loyalty.
  • Research: Utilizing proprietary research, our experienced research team works diligently to achieve each client’s investment goals.
  • Philosophy: Founded with the firm in 1979, our investment philosophy focuses on investing in high-quality businesses that produce consistent, repeatable and, ultimately, superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients.
  • Alignment of Interests: As a firm that is independently owned and operated by our employees, we are invested alongside our clients – an excellent alignment of interests.