Small Cap

Our Small-Cap investment strategy is based upon a “core” investment philosophy reflecting our belief that competitively advantaged companies can generate superior rates of return for shareholders over longer periods of time. Taking a long-term investor’s approach, the investment objective of our Small-Cap investment strategy is to generate investment returns that exceed the applicable benchmark while attempting to manage portfolio risk and volatility.
Our Small-Cap investment strategy seeks to achieve its investment objective through fundamental analysis of individual companies and seeks high quality companies based on various criteria, such as profitability levels, balance sheet quality, competitive advantages, market share positions, ability to generate excess cash flows, meaningful management ownership stakes, and relative valuation.
The development of investment opportunities in our Small-Cap investment strategy emanates from the fundamental research process led by our experienced internal research staff. Our experienced internal research staff performs rigorous, primary research that seeks to identify companies with market capitalizations between $600 million and $4.5 billion that have a true competitive advantage in their industry. This proprietary fundamental research effort provides the basis for stock selection in our Small-Cap investment strategy and culminates in a portfolio of approximately 85-95 companies diversified among a number of industries and groups. 
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